The Cedar Tree Song

Oh Cedar Tree
Clap your hands and sing with me
Heya hey, Heya hey Heya heya heya hey.
Heya hey, heya hey, heya hey.

3x each then on "Oh" for 3

More Beaverchief

This song comes from the Sesewis medicine of the Northwest Coast. My friend Beaverchief heard it from his Uncle, Frank Hillaire, of the Lummi Tribe near Ferndale, Washington, where I grew up. Beaverchief, me, and a friend of ours, Barbara Leischner, put out 18 songs in 1990. We called it BIG MAGIC. I arranged these NW Coast songs for rock band, girls choir, orchestra and drummers.

The music met with a lot of controversy, both from traditional people who didn't want to see it change, and from white people who didn't want to see it change. He believed very deeply that this effort was hard but very important for the children. His dream was to create an art center in downtown Seattle for kids where they could learn to dream big.

Despite this, Beaverchief obtained permission to do these songs from his elders and was an incredibly brave person. It may be said that he was the first NW coast native to attempt a sound that would eventually reach a mass audience. The music features many Seattle musicians working at the time. The guitar solo on this song is by John Auer of The Posies. This song was being recorded at the same time and in the same room with Soundgarden as they rehearsed for their first major label tour.

Beaverchief died of a brain aneurysm in 2001. He is survived by son, Freddy, brother George, Mother and other relatives, who live in Seattle. -MN