FTP. Scores, Scripts & Materials
web Little Boy Goes to Hell Script   Complete Script - 1998 Stage Version .pdf  
  Little Boy Goes to Hell Full Score   Complete Orchestra Score -1988 Stage Version .pdf  
  Little Boy Goes to Hell Piano/Vocal   Complete Piano/Vocal Score - 1988 Stage Version .pdf  
  Joe Bean Script   Script for 7-person plus band FULL SHOW rtf  
  Joe Bean Piano/Vocal   Complete Piano/Vocal University Of WA version. pdf  
  Joe Bean Novel (169 pages) ©2006   Mark Nichols Novelized Version of Joe Bean pdf  
web Caucasian Chalk Circle Score   Full Score Available Upon Request*  *  

All shows are available at this time for production. Email requests to stiltbat(at)hotmail.com. If you would like to perform one of these pieces, we are happy to negotiate terms fairly, based on 1) size of house 2) number of paid performers and crew 3) ticket price and 4) number of shows. All materials are the property of Mark Nichols. For Caucasian Chalk Circle, you must first secure the performance rights for the play through Samuel French then contact us. For no or low-budget productions or benefits, please specify in your email. If you have a request for a score, Piano/Vocal, Vocal Only, lyrics/chords, leadsheets, or files of any sort, contact stiltbat-at-hotmail.com.ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED. USE BY PERMISSION ONLY. THESE WORKS ARE ©COPYRIGHT MARK NICHOLS & THE REALLY BIG PUBLISHING HOUSE. CALL 360-(seven-five-eight)-4284 OR EMAIL stiltbat(AT)hotmail.com for PERMISSION.


Other available shows: SHAKESPEARE'S "AS U LIKE IT" A musicalized version of the show. Features 10 songs. "HOW TO SURVIVE THE APOCALYPSE" A burning man opera. More info go to www.burningopera.com or email. Michael Ondaatje's "THE COLLECTED WORKS OF BILLY THE KID" full score for 2 acoustic guitars, Singers, harmonica, accordian, bass.