Film Soundtracks

Mark Nichols has done the scores for two feature-length films, "Farewell to Harry" and "A Relative Thing", both directed by Garrett Bennett. He has scored over 20 short films including "Flared Pants", starring Paul Giamatti, Brian T. Finney, Garrett Bennett, and Jillian Armenante.

One of Mark's specialties, orchestral arranging and specifically his string writing, has earned him a vicarious grammy ("Amsterdam Stranded" by Midnight Choir) and a reputation as one of the most rock-friendly arrangers in the Northwest. He is known for his work on Jeremy Enigk's lush solo album "Return of the Frog Queen" and the cinematic works of The Walkabouts, for whom he arranged four albums. Mark's orchestral work has been performed by orchestras as diverse as The Seattle Symphony to the Wasted Youth Symphony.

As an engineer/producer Mark has had the opportunity to work with Trillian Green ("Metamorphosis"), Mehnooghi (Debut Album), "Awesome" the band ("Delaware"), and Sean Nelson ("Nelson Sings Nilsson"), but his primary work as an engineer/producer is through the soundtrack work and his own solo work.

For the film "Farewell to Harry" Mark was asked to compose 30-plus songs which "sounded like old-scratchy New Orleans jazz," so the film company could avoid paying hefty royalties. The film had a "needle-drop feel from start to finish, which fades[d] in and out of orchestrally lush dreamscapes."