How To Survive The Apocalypse - 10-minute Demo

Lyrics - Erik Davis
Music - Mark Nichols
Performances by Julie Lewis, Mark Nichols,
Phoebe Jevtovik, Mark Growdin, George
Scott. Burning Man field recordings by
Phil Smart and Davey B.
Man with Bullhorn by Erik Davis
Artistic Director: Christopher Fuelling
Executive Producer: Dana Harrison
Managing Producer: Nicole Maron
Recorded and Instruments by Mark Nichols
Music Producer: Mark Nichols

"HOW TO SURVIVE THE APOCALYPSE" is an opera/story about the tale of Burning Man, a real-life anarchist tale, a real life-cultural-phenomenon, which grows bigger despite inevitable compromises. The growth becomes the metaphor for entropy, as well as grand success. The story of a glorious dichotomy. No one can argue Burning Man's ability, as a phenomenon, to catalyze personal vision from each and every participant, or how it is inherently un-anarchistic and unpunk to require permits for every fire...The festival's success and failure are living in its very essence, and so...This makes for wonderful theater. "How To Survive the Apocalypse" is about this question: what do you do when the people come, when the cops come, when the Man himself comes to get a piece, and when the myriad of interpretations of "the vision" come?

It's fun to play with as you'll see. Hopefully we capture the essence of the festival culture even in this short demo.

If you have questions about participating in this adventure please don't hesitate to email mn(At)