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[Joe Bean is copyright 2003-2008 The Really Big Production Co. & Mark Nichols. Music by Mark Nichols. Lyrics by Mark Nichols and Bob McAllister.]

* "Rich, complicated melodies, harmonies that call to your soul..delightful, playful - lyrics that are slam puzzle poetry - lyrics that you want to read…We know what is going to happen, so it's not necessarily the story that compels, but how it unfolds, and the art-visions with which it is told." - Lennie Dean

* Check out this version of "Got To Get Down to Get Up" performed by Bradley Dean

* On April 14th 2008, we had a very successful NY equity showcase at the ZIPPER FACTORY, R.I.P. The cast of seven and the band of six just tore it up. Thank you great people.

* Click here for a little video from the 2nd production of Joe Bean

You can also click here to listen to an Mp3 condensed version

Click on the song titles to hear.. All songs recorded in 2004 by Mark Nichols, Bainbridge Island, WA, with complete thanks John and Dee Eisenhauer.

Mantra Joe Bean Wedding Ceremony Wax & Wane Afraid War I Hear Mr Repo Man Ya Gotta Get Down to Get up Only a Mother Friendly Fire The Worms Faith Skin for Skin It's Time to Go Don't Despair Joe Bean's Been Seen Sufferin' Joe There’s a wide space between words… Sufferers Anonymous The Herbalist Learning Acupuncture Everything Take it to the End Why? Where were You?” Finale

All songs © 2003-2008 Mark Nichols. Lyrics Mark Nichols & Bob McAllister. Additional lyrics by Nicole Schoonover.

All Pictures by Steve Stolee from Bainbridge Island Production at B.P.A. June, 2004, except where noted.

These pictures are from the 2nd production in 2004 at Bainbridge Performing Arts, Directed by Bob McAllister. Many of these people participated in the making of the CD on Bainbridge in summer, 2004.
Mark Nichols singing "Got to Get Down" (Picture Kevin Veatch)
Bob McAllister before the show.
Patrick Bradshaw as soldier In "Friendly Fire"
"The Comforters" sing "Sufferin' Joe"
Jonathan Ortiz and Mari Finch as the Newlyweds
Mark Goheen-Power as Joe Bean with scabs
Tim Tate and McKayla Sew&Sew
Vince Palazolo as The Suicide God
Patrick Bradshaw, Ronald Campbell, Brandon Belieu as Bums
EJ Harrid Sings "Where Were You?"
Percussionists Squirrel Desimone, Aidan Fay, & Jarrod Kaplan
The Curtain Call
Jennifer Carlson as The Devil
Marie Rubin as Sari
Jonathan Ortiz in "Friendly Fire"
Kelsey Mackin as Rezbecca
Vince, Julie Lewis, & Tim in "Skin For Skin"
Mark Goheen-Power singing "Why?" Jarrod Kaplan in the background as Ape.
Vince Palazolo in "Take It To The End"
Brandan Belieu and Patrick Bradshaw, Soldiers.
Jenneviere in "The Worms"
Michael Leonard and Jessica Logan, the upright bass player dip.
Ronald Campbell and Julie Lewis "Joe Bean's Been Seen"

Music by Mark Nichols, Lyrics by Mark Nichols with Bob McAllister with some lyrical contributions by Nicole Schoonover. Story by Mark Nichols and Bob McAllister based on the biblical story of Job. This show had its first run at Bainbridge High School in April of 2003. The second series of performances features professional actors June-Oct. 2004. The versions of songs on this website are performed by Mark Nichols and Carla Torgerson (of the band The Walkabouts) as Joe and Sari and the above cast. Contact

Some "New Age Gods": TV-head, The God of Ignorance, A Goddess of Destruction, An Old World God, The Suicide God, A Fertility Goddess. All images Copyright Mark Nichols 2004. Thanks to Roger Wheeler for use of the Old World God Mask.

  All Music, Words and Visual Material © & P 2003-2004 Mark Nichols and The Really Big Production Co. All Rights Reserved. Use by Permission Only. You'll only get permission if you ask. We welcome enquiries from theater companies. Questions regarding theatrical or film rights and availability, email

A review of the Joe Bean CD by Erin Washington

"Mark, this piece is truly's more than that even, it's has so much power and depth and life. Not many pieces of music have hit me in my heart lately, like this. I enjoyed EVERY piece... it forced me to listen with my BODY and not my MIND and I love music like that. It's music for the soul!

Joe Bean, to me, is representative of so many people's lives: their struggles, joys, pains, and the music is a way to free yourself from the burdens of life! We are all in this world aren't we? Some of us are floating, some are climbing, others are falling, but the common theme is 'we are all in this world together.'

I like is your use of words and ideas. You don't force things in people. You have found a way to bring different cultures, religions, social classes together in this piece of music. I respect that a lot!

Mark, it's so many people in this world who have lost so much, who are searching for peace, searching for some kind of answer and relief, and to me, the answer is INSIDE! Joe Bean is not even defined as a musical to me, it's richer than that title or box. It's a life lesson to me. It's an experience that allows me to feel.

Plus..the Music was FRESH!/soulful/alive. The writing is beautiful.


You have so much faith and hope and you can feel. I appreciate that!

Peace and Power, Erin Washington.