"Mummers" A documentary by Mark Nichols, filmed near Bristol, England. An age-old theater tradition comes to life. (12-Minutes)
"Flared Pants" Financed, co-Produced, co-Edited, & Music by Mark Nichols. Stars: Brian T. Finney, Garrett Bennett, and Paul Giamatti. John Lawler & Garrett Bennett script. Directed by Garrett Bennett. (13 mins-B&W.Super-8-1990)
"Little Boy Goes to Hell" Opening Scene (12 mins.) Featuring: Jason Dittmer, Michael Robinson, Stephen Rubicz as Little Boy,and the Open Circle Theater cast.
Willy & Gina in Second Life. (5 mins.) Short film shot in Second Life. Written by Mark Nichols and Julie Lewis. Directed by Mark Nichols.
The MiPS Movie (Directed by Mark Nichols, written by and featuring Evan Mosher and Kirk Anderson of "Awesome".
The Walkabouts. Short version of this Seattle band's 25th European tour. Narrated by singer Carla Torgerson.