Here is a listing of Mark Nichols' completed projects

As You Like It
"Awesome" CD Delaware
Beaverchief & Big Magic
Bessemer's Spectacles
Billy The Kid
Bust! Featuring Lauren Weedman
Caucasian Chalk Circle
Demo Reel for Videography
Dragon, The
Dreams of Spirits Smiling
End of The Icon
Farewell To Harry
Firebugs, The
Fire Theft (The)
Flared Pants
Green Album (The)
How To Survive the Apocalypse
Jeremy Enigk - Return of the Frog Queen
Joe Bean
Lie of the Mind
Little Boy Goes To Hell
M & M
Megan Haas
Manooghi Hi
Midnight Choir
Mother Goose
Nelson Sings Nilsson
Open Circle Childrens' Project
Opportunity Somalia
Potato Boy, The
Relative Thing, A
Seagull Variations (23)
Searching For Father Christmas
Slotin Sonatas
Songs (Listing)
Squirrels, The
Tooth Collector, The
Trillian Green
Utilikilts Commercial
Walkabouts, The